4D Art Leather Panel

These Wall Panels finishes are a great way to turn the traditional walls into stunning walls. These wall panel effects provide a modern look with classic inspirations for the interior walls of any space. Its cozy and comfortable appearance makes it compatible with all styles of decoration, from the modern to the more traditional. The decorative panels create a distinctive aesthetic result for each wall design turning them into prominent points in any space. These 3D Panels are suitable for general room decor, can be used as bed headboards, partitions, TV panels, can be applied to furniture, doors, crown molding, columns or even a whole wall! These modular systems symbolize the magical combination of art, design and technology to create timeless walls and will undoubtedly be a topic of conversation.


» Water Proof
» Burning for a while
» Flameout, carbinize


Fireproof, Heat Insulation, Moisture-Proof, Mould-Proof, Sound-Absorbing, Soundproof, Waterproof

Type: Leather