Access Floor

Raised access floor are cost effective sustainable way of creating feasible space that provides fast, safe and easy distribution of services. High Pressure Laminated (HPL) Steel Cementious Panels makes them suitable for data center, communication center and computer rooms.

» Size: (600 x 600 x 35) mm
» Pedestal height: 600 mm and 450 mm
» Uniform Distributed Load: 1350kg/sq. m.
» Concentrated Load: 363 kg/sq. inch
» Ultimate Load: 900 per tile.

» Flexibility to access services under the floor
» Flame retardant
» Anti-skid
» Minimizes construction schedules and costs
» Rapid installation for quicker occupancy
» Conceals cables and wiring for better aesthetics

» Computer room and IT room
» Training room and conference room
» Studio and concert
» Support spaces for offices, including electrical closets, fan rooms, etc.