Cement Base Prefab Solid Wall Panel

These are sandwich panel of two fiber-reinforced cement sheets enclosing a light weight core composed of Portland cement, binders and a mix of Siliceous and Micaceous material Aggregate. These panels are fully cured at factory and are ready for installation at site. Panel's unique tongue and groove joining system facilitates rapid construction with minimum effort.




» Unique dry construction concept.
» Prefabricated shelter can be removed to a new location easily.
» Dismantling and re-erection is easy process, faster and cost effective.
» Prefabricate the shelter will have attractive look than the similar type of permanent building construction.
» Erection is time saving and economical.
» Inside area of the prefabricated shelter will be larger, thus saving your valuable land.
» Tongue and groove joining system allows faster construction.
» Easy Workability- no special tools required.
» Factory cured panels eliminate need for on-site curing.
» Strong and Durable
» Panels are manufactured from high quality materials imparting adequate strength and long life.


Easy Install
Light Weight
Save Time
Termite Proof
Water Proof


School, college & medical college, residential building, hospital, hotel and resort, ware house, workshop, hydropower power site office, staff guest house, stadium, restaurant, police and army barrack.

Providing and fixing 50mm/75mm thick non asbestos Fiber reinforced aerated cement concrete (FRACC) Sandwich modules made out of light weight fiber reinforced aerated cement/concrete core composed of Portland cement, fly ash, binders etc., and 4mm thick non asbestos fiber cement boards confirming to IS 14862; 2000 and ISO: 8336:1993(E) on either and side of the core, having a tongue and groove on longitudinal side of the modules. These Panel modules are erected/ installed using galvanized iron steel tracks of 1.1 mm thick & of size 25x50x25mm(for 50mm)/25x75x25mm(for 75mm) as bottom track, 25x50x25mm(for 50mm)/ 25x75x25mm( for 75mm) as top track for fixing to the floor and top of the wall respectively including all necessary material required for erecting & fixing the wall panel complete as per direction of Engineer-in-charge.

Wall Size
2400mmx600mm , 2700mmx600mm , 3000mmx600mm

Wall Weight
50mm[Thickness]:42.8 kg/m2 , 75mm[Thickness]:58.2 kg/m2

Wall Thickness
50mm & 75mm

Edge Profile
Square, Beveled

Fire Resistance Properties
The Solid Wall Panels are Non-Combustible & qualify f or early Fire Hazard indices as per BS-476, Part 20 & 22

Moisture Resistance Properties
The Solid Wall Panels are Moisture Resistant & are tested as per IS 2380

Sound Transmission Class
40db as per IS; 9901 [Part III]-1981

Axial Compressive Strength
420kN/Meter as per IS:2380 , P.8:77

Apparent Density
892 kg/m3 as per IS 2380 P.3:77

Tensile Strength (Perpendicular to surface)
0.35 N/mm2 as per IS:2380 P.4:77

Modulus of Rupture (MOR)
3.8Mpa IS:2380 P.5:77

Screw Withdrawal Strength
0.37kN as per IS:2380 P.14:77

Thermal Conductivity
0.12k.cal/h.mC as per ASTM C 177

Fire Rating
134 Minutes as per BS 476 Part 20 & 22