Digital Door Lock

Passcode Hide Function
Use the fake number and the actual passcode together whenever there is any chance of exposing the passcode to others.

Fire Detection Function
In case of sensing high temperature over 60'C, it alarms and activates door-open function.

Intrusion Alert Function
It rings the alarm when the door is forcibly opened from outside.

Internal force-lock Function
This function prohibits someone from opening the door using passcode or RF Tag or Fingerprint from outside. This function is useful druing night time when extra caution for safety is required

Register RF Tag and Smart Card up to 50
Can register up to 50 RF Tags and Smart Cards.

Prevention of electronic shock & static
To prevent illegal entrance using the electric & electronic shock, the superior circuit blocks the impact

Low Battery Function
In case of low battery, low battery buzzer sound goes off and LED flickers.

Opening door with emergency battery
When batteries are discharged, place 9V battery to emergency power to operate passcode.

Smart Touch Pad
With the sensible LED and high quality touch screen, the key pad can be utilized easily without having to open the cover. Backlight LED and beep sound make it very easy to use and very practical.

Master Pass Code / Master RF Tag Function
If you set this function, someone can not open the door lock by pass code & RF tag

Etiquette Mode Function
It allows turning on or turning off the buzzer sound when using digital door lock. It is one time function which automatically deactivates after the regular procedure.

Prank Prevention Function
Incorrectly entering the passcode the 5 consecutive times or more, the door lock does not operate for 30 seconds.