EPS Insulated Roof

The EPS roof made up by using Thermocol/EPS (Expand polystyrene) panel and covered by pre-coated metal sheets on both sides. Thermocol also known as Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a lightweight cellular paper material consisting of small hollow spherical balls. It is closed cellular construction that gives EPS panel its remarkable characteristics. It offers greater insulation properties as well as higher resistance to water absorption. EPS panel is a proven construction material well suited to the extreme climate.

EPS roof insulation has no thermal drift and does not use blowing agents that diffuse out of the insulation. Expanded polystyrene roof insulation R-Values remain stable over its entire life and does not experience thermal drift or loss of R-Value.

Option 1: corrugated EPS sandwich panel with 0.326mm color steel sheet double side and EPS foam filling(thickness:50mm, density:15kg/m3 or 10kg/m3)


Option 2: Corrugated EPS sandwich panel with 0.5mm color steel sheet double side and EPS foam filling(thickness:50mm, density:15kg/m3 or 10kg/m3)

Insulated Roofing by using Lloyd PU Panel System
Lloyd PU Panel System offers on step solution for Thermal Insulation of Roofing & Cladding of Buildings and for construction of cold rooms.


Lloyd PU Panels System comprises of Pre-fabrication sandwich panels with CFC free Polyurethane Foam at a density of 40+/- 2 kg/cu.m as a core and with profiled sheeting / plain ribbed sheeting made out of Galvanized / Galvalume steel as facing on both sides. Lloyd PU Panels come with standard Tongue and Groove Joints for Cold Rooms and Roofing panels and with Concealed fixing system arrangement for Cladding of Buildings.


Lloyd PU Panel are manufactured in the most Modern Continuous panel making line and can be supplied in strengths up to 12m (limited due to restriction in transportation). Lloyd PU Panels are available in a standard width of 1m and in various thickness to suit the Industry requirements.

Lloyd PU Roofing Panels are fixed on to the purlins/subgirts with joints over lapped and fasteners using hot-dipped zinc coated self drilling hexagonal fasteners of suitable length. The edges and connection locations shall be covered with suitable capping and flashing profiles.