EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)

Thermocol also known as expanded polystyrene is a lightweight cellular plastic material consisting of small hollow spherical balls. It is closed cellular construction that gives EPS panel its remarkable characteristics. It offers greater insulation properties as well as higher resistance to water absorption. EPS panel is a proven construction material well suited to the extreme climate.

» Waterproof structure designed do not need any other waterproof treatment.
» All materials is modular and light.
» Because of special design of building frame act excellent wind proof and earthquake upto 7 magnitudes.
» Light steel structure frame with novel design, reliable and safe.

Life Span: 8- 12 yrs
Weight : 60kg/m2
Loss per re-locating: 6%
Life load of roof: 0.030kn/m2
Life load of floor: 1.50KN/m2
Wind Load: 0.3KN/m2
Performance of fireproofing : Level A
Earthquake proofing : 7 magnitudes

Residence, Hydropower office building, headquarter, college and school, hospital, hostel, ware house, shops, restaurant.In the field of construction site, highway site, police and army barrack, rail roads site and commercial centre place.