Everest Facade is a highly adaptable system used to conceal most common structural materials such as masonry, pre-cast concrete or steel and timber stud framing. Made from compressed, autoclaved, cellulose fibre reinforced cement sheets, the panels may be arranged in a variety of patterns for smart surface relief.

» Flat, smooth finish.
» Expressed joint appearance.
» Countersunk or Exposed Head fastener options.
» Tested weather resistance.
» Designed for extreme wind pressures.
» Lightweight, low maintenance facade system.
» Readily accepts many forms of decorative finish.
» Suitable for curved applications.


» Highly durable gaskets.
» Dimensionally accurate panels.
» Set-out tolerance for fixing framing.
» High prefabrication opportunity.
» Panels easily replaced.
» High performance Top Hat 1.15:
» Suitable for Exposed Head Screws
» Suitable for Cyclonic Areas
» Wider fixing surface for increased fixing tolerance.

The Everest Facade system has been designed to be used for external cladding buildings such as:
» Supermarkets and Shopping centres.
» Office Buildings.
» Most Commercial Buildings.
» Residential Homes and Apartment Buildings.
» Or any other application not excluded by the Design Considerations section of this brochure.

It however remains the responsibility of the building designer to verify the Everest Facade system is suitable for the particular requirements of any given project. The Everest Facade System has excellent resistance to water penetration and high wind loads, and is suitable for exposed applications. The Everest Facade System can alsobe used as an exterior ceiling.