Heavy Duty Wall Board

Wherever durability, strength and prolonged exposure to natural elements is of major concern, Everest Heavy Duty Wall Boards come into play. These boards help create both internal and external walls which are impact resistant, load bearing and easy to maintain. They are extremely stable in dimension and offer tough resistance to permanent dampness or water seepages. They are ideal for internal wet area linings in residences, offices and large commercial complexes too.

Everest Heavy Duty Wall Boards are exceptionally stable in dimension and offer resistance to damages caused by permanent dampness or seepages. They are excellent for all kinds of internal wet area lining especially in residential segment and they cater to commercial and industrial applications as well.

Standard Sizes 3050mmx1220mm,2745mmx1220mm, 2440mmx1220mm,

Thickness 4mm,6mm, 9mm, and 12mm

Edge profile Square, bevealed

Weight 6mm thickness- 10.15 kg/m2

MOR value In wet condition, 16Mpa, N/mm2

Fire resistance properties
Everest heavy duty wall boards are non-combustile and qualify for early fire hazard indices as per AS-1530 part 4, 5,6,7 and 8

Impact strength
9.0kj/m2 for 6mm, 12.0kj/m2 for 9 mm.

Internal walls - high traffic/impact prone areas - residential/ commercial /industrial

Wet area lining - kitchens, bathrooms

External walls - non-load bearing/load-bearing walls, residential/commercial/ industrial, cladding walls in warehouses/factories

Internal/external walls – Pre-fabricated sheltering decorative wall finish in damp/ seepage prone walls.