Insu Sound BXL

It is high performance acoustic foam. This provides a four-way effect like loss of sound energy on impact, deflection and change of direction, trapping of sound waves due to engineered cell orientation and absorption and barrier properties of the cells. It’s truly the best for noise control challenges. It comes in three different standard sizes:
Thickness: 20mm, 25mm, 50mm
Sizes: 1m x 1m

» Auditorium and architectural acoustics.
» Industrial noise control application, Railways and metro coaches
» Genset and compressor enclosures. Concert halls
» Airports, hotels, commercial acoustics, HD home theatre.

» Light weight, long lasting and non-deteriorating
» Easy handling, applications and installation
» Low adhesive consumption, environment friendly
» Exceptional sound absorbent
» Dust and fiber free, fire retarded, excellent chemical, microbial & weather resistant.

Properties   Test Method Unit Xlpe
Temperature Range Maximum Service temperature   °C + 80
Minimum Service temperature -20
Thermal Conductivity ASTM C 518 W/mK 0.04326
Fire Performance UL 94   HF - 1
Density   ASTM D 3575 Kg/m3 100 ± 10
Tensile Strength @ break Kg/cm2 ≤ 0.7
Elongation @ break % ≤ 50
Tear strength Kg/cm ≤ 0.5
Water Absorption % ≤ 6.0
Acoustics Performance ASTM E2611 STL [dB] 9
NRC Thickness 20mm 25mm 50mm
ASTM C 423/ISO 354 0.6 0.7 0.95
Weighted Sound Absorption Coefficient (α w) EN ISO 11654 0.35 0.45 0.95
Glass D D A