Light Gauge Structure Building (LGS)

LGS are innovative steel framed buildings for residential, multi-family, commercial, recreation and industrial which is ready to live and work in extremely futuristic, technologically superior, strong and eco-friendly. We provide flexibility for the future and ensure that all of this is achievable with the added benefit of speed of construction and improved health and safety, with its 100 % customized smart steel buildings. Besides offering great design flexibility, these buildings are also resistant to moisture, adverse weather conditions, earthquakes, termites and fire.

» Durable
» Erection
» Design flexibility
» Great seismic resistance
» build quality
» Predictability of build time and cost
» Fixed cost - no escalation
» Single source responsibility
» Re-locatable
» Light foundation required

» Commercial and office buildings
» Industrial utility buildings
» Site offices and residences
» Farm houses
» Restaurants
» Automobile showrooms