We are authorized distributor of Everest Cement Based Prefab Panel widely used as alternative of heavy brick and stone wall. These are sandwich panel of two fiber-reinforced cement sheets enclosing a light weight core composed of Portland cement, binders and a mix of Siliceous and Micaceus material Aggregate. These panels are fully cured at factory and are ready for installation at site. Panel's unique tongue and groove joining system facilitates rapid construction with minimum effort.

» Fire resistance
» Water resistance
» Thermal insulation
» Sound Insulation
» Easy installation
» Light weight
» Termite proof
» Durable
» Easy dismantling and re-locating
» Save valuable space

Width: 600mm
Height: 2400mm, 2700mm, 3000mm
Thickness: 50mm and 70mm
Weight per Sq.m: 42.8 kg (50mm) and 58.2 kg (75mm)

» Residential building
» School & College
» Hotel
» Hotel & resort
» Warehouse
» Hydro power office
» All kind of office site
» Workshop