PUF Insulated Roof

PUF Roof PANEL consists of prefabricated sandwich panels made up (GI Sheet and PUF) and have modular design, which enables easy and quick installation along with durability. These PUF panels are interlocked with each other using Cam Lock Systems or through Tongue and Groove arrangement, which ensures a precise interlocking of panels and dimensional accuracy. This eliminates the risk of thermal bridging and provides air tight joints between panels after erection. PUF panels are available in a standard width of 1m and various thicknesses to suit the industry requirement. The standard thickness is 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150 and 200mm.


PUF Roof Panel System offers on step solution for Thermal Insulation of Roofing & Cladding of Buildings and for construction of cold rooms.


PUF Roof Panels System comprises of Pre-fabrication sandwich panels with CFC free Polyurethane Foam at a density of 40+/- 2 kg/m³ as a core and with profiled sheeting / plain ribbed sheeting made out of Galvanized / Galvalume steel as facing on both sides. Lloyd PU Panels come with standard Tongue and Groove Joints for Cold Rooms and Roofing panels and with Concealed fixing system arrangement for Cladding of Buildings.


PUF Roof Panel is manufactured in the most Modern Continuous panel making line and can be supplied in strengths up to 12m (limited due to restriction in transportation). Lloyd PU Panels are available in a standard width of 1m and in various thicknesses to suit the Industry requirements.

» Panels are washable.
» Environment joints between panels sealed.
» Avoids moisture coming in contact with insulation
» Avoids moisture coming in contact with insulation.
» Easy Workability- no special tools required.
» It can be easily shifted to other place

» High thermal efficiency ensures low heat transmission resulting in lower refrigeration resulting in lower refrigeration load.

» Panel can be furnished in single joint with less height/ length up to 12 meters Partition wall can be easily erected as the panels are self-supporting.

» A high strength to weight ratio with signification saving in steel work and load bearing foundations, allowing large spans to be constructed with no intermediate columns.

Cold stores, clean rooms, CA Room, collection stores, refrigerated van, and post-harvest management, ripening rooms.