Rockwool Panel

Rockwool panel system comprise of pre-fabricated composite sandwich panel with high density rock wool converted to lamellar as crore and profiled/ plain, colour coated galvanized steel/ galvalume steel facing both sides complete with special joint sealants and fixing ancillaries. Rockwool panel offers consideration mechanical strength due to the sandwich effects and acoustic insulation properties besides being totally non combustible, fire, proof construction are possible with rock wool panels covering roof, wall and internal partition.

Fast track, light weight, fire resistance, noise reduction, avoid moisture.

» Composed of 2 layers of the weather proof colored steel sheet and jetted hard.
» Forms of polyurethane between 2 layers ( fire proof material)
» Light self weight 10 to 14 kg per sq. m
» Good temp- keeping and heat insulation.
» Average thermal conductivity < 0.041 per m

Factory, public stadium, gymnasium, airport, hotel and restaurant, over partition, industrial building.