Wall Ceiling Protector

SYSTEXX Glass Fabric Wall and Ceiling Protector made of textile fabric, i.e. woven from glass yarn. Systexx by Vitrulan is the first wall covering in the world to offer a lifetime warranty. It still looks good after more than 30 years; even if it has already been painted over 10 times sustainability cannot be simpler. When systexx was developed, it became the only manufacturer to subject a wall covering to numerous TUV tests.

There are certain unique features/advantages of SYSTEXX Glass Fabric wall and Ceiling Protector mentioned below:
» Suitable for allergy suffers
» Water Vapor Permeable
» Impact and Perforation Resistance
» Wall reinforcement and crack bridging
» Resistance to fire
» Presents no health hazards
» Resistance to disinfectants and cleaning agents.
» Abrasion and Scrub Resistance.

SYSTEXX Glass Fabric Wall & Ceiling Protector in three product lines:
» Systexx Premium
» Systexx Comfort
» Systexx Active

SYSTEXX Glass Fabric Wall & Ceiling Protector are applicable in following areas:
» Hotel Business
» Health Care
» Public Buildings
» Private Estate
» Corporate Houses